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How to Improve Summer Giving in 2 Minutes or Less

Watch Willow Creek Lead Pastor Dave Dummitt share how to transform generosity.

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The single most important thing you can do to increase giving at your church is to change how you take up your offerings.

Generosity rests on inspiring and mobilizing participation.

65% of Americans donate to charitable organizations, yet church financial contributions are on the decline.

People are giving, they just aren’t giving to their local church. Why?

Why are only 20% of church attendees contributing financially to the church, and only 3% giving in relation to their income? Why are 97% of church attendees giving more to the cable company than to the mission of God?

Instead of collecting contributions, we need to shift how we talk about finances and focus on cultivating a culture generosity. Giving is NOT about fund transfers, giving is about heart-transformation.

Our focus needs to be more about changing the hearts and minds of our participants and congregation and less about reaching our budget or quota. If our message changes how people view money and giving, we will not need to fundraise or campaign. People will be donating from their personal desire to grow spiritually, not from a sense of obligation or guilt.